Online or Instructor-Led, You Decide

The PortStar curriculum is available for both Instructor-led training (ILT) and Web-based  training (WBT), with both delivery methods containing the same activities, content, and management support. Each course consists of brief lessons that last about 30 minutes. You can think of these lessons as building blocks. Rather than taking an entire course (whether you need it all or not), you can use only relevant lessons to build a training program that meets your needs. After successful completion of the required lessons in a course, learners receive a certificate. All lesson completions are recorded in a web-based system and available 24×7 to employees, instructors, and supervisors. Through this system, employees can access their lesson history and, if WBT is available to them, complete lessons online day or night. Trainers and supervisors can view completions of their students and employees through the system, using the reports to monitor progress, export data, and print course completion certificates.

Secure System, Secure Data

The PortStar application and databases are hosted on private servers in a managed environment with 24x7x365 monitoring. The physical facility is protected with interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. Access is restricted by keycard and biometric scanning to authorized personnel, all of whom have undergone comprehensive background security checks. In the event of a power outage, all servers and network equipment are on uninterruptable power supplies and, in the event of a prolonged outage, backed up by on-site diesel generators.

The PortStar servers sit behind a monitored firewall and received regular security updates and virus scanning. Full backups are performed weekly with nightly incremental updates. Within the application, access is restricted by a registration and activation process, which can be managed by designated staff at your facility and, in the case of multiple facilities within an organization, that management can be done at a site or regional level. Safeguards are in place within the application architecture to protect against SQL injection attacks and URL hacking.

Interactions with the PortStar curriculum require Flash, JavaScript, and pop-ups to be enabled, as the lessons are delivered via Flash and opened in a new window. Browser security options can typically be configured to enable these items only for specific, trusted sites.