Meet Regulations and Support Professional Development

It’s a given that seaports must meet federal training requirements, but simply meeting minimum requirements is no longer an option in today’s competitive environment. Businesses are doing more with less. Training is no exception. With PortStar, planning worksheets indicate which lessons are required. Required lessons can be combined to create a core course for new hires.

Port Employees MSA 33 CFR 105.215 AWR-1
Security Officers FPSSD 33 CFR 105.210 PER-2
Security Officer Supervisors MGT-3
Law Enforcement Officers FPSSD 33 CFR 105.210 PER-4
Law Enforcement Supervisors MGT-5
First Responders MSLEP AWR-6
Facility Security Officers PFSO 33 CFR 105.205 MGT-7
Port & Facility Management 33 CFR 105.200 MGT-8


The lessons marked “optional” on the worksheets are for professional development. They cover topics like situation awareness, decision making, and conflict resolution. Using the worksheets, training managers can quickly create a training plan for each audience and have confidence that it will provide the knowledge and skills for effective port security.

Required for 33 CFR Professional Development  

Total Lessons

Port Employees 1* 23 24
Security Officers 14 70 84
Security Officer Supervisors 24 24
Law Enforcement Officers 14 88 102
Law Enforcement Supervisors 41 41
First Responders 34 34
Facility Security Officers 38 117 155
Port & Facility Management 15 50 65